Wrapchic is the world’s very first eatery that wraps together all the exciting and vibrant flavours of Indian street food into an easy to eat Mexican format.

At the heart of the brand we focus on two very important things: taste and convenience. Like Mr Wraphchic here we’ll go to every length to follow tradition and ensure that our food is packed full of flavour, using the best ingredients and freshly ground spices.

Formed in the trend-setting street language of Mumbai, ‘Wrapchic‘ or ‘Rap-chik’ is an expression that conveys real satisfaction, in the most laid-back, cool way. It’s a word that real Mumbaikars would use, when no other word would suffice!

Our logo honours the creativity of the street, from where India has built its reputation, designed in the style of traditional ‘Warli’ art, practiced by the tribes in villages around Mumbai and Maharashtra.

The bull is a representation of our combined heritage, reflecting our Indian heritage, our Birmingham roots and Mexican tradition. We’re the fastest growing, emerging restaurant chain in the UK and we’re excited about our expansion.

Wrapchic is currently present at Anna Nagar, Chennai.

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