Not so long ago, an 8-year-old boy who sold toys outside a school saw a big bright truck with the words ‘Soft Serves’ stop by. A kind old man served school kids yummy-looking ice creams from the truck.

He noticed the boy staring longingly at them. So, he walked up to him and said, “Hi, I’m Teddy. I’ve got 3 flavours. I’d like you taste them and tell me which one I should sell. Can’t pay you for your advice though“.

The innocent boy said, "That’s alright". As he relished each flavour, his eyes welled up.

He said "Sir, I haven’t tasted anything so delicious ever…They’re wonderful in their own way. I think… you should sell all 3." as he packed his wares and left, never to return to the spot.

Teddy grew concerned when he found out from other vendors that the boy was homeless and wished to go to school couldn’t even afford two meals a day lately. The school kids stopped buying his toys ever since Teddy showed up.

The old man found him sitting outside another school. He said, “Hey, I’ve been looking for you, boy. I took your advice – to sell all 3 flavours. And it turned my fortunes around. So would like to be my advisor?”

He added, “But to help me make great decisions, I’d like you to go to school. To repay you for your services, I’ll pay the fees.” The boy, overjoyed, accepted the offer.

Teddy kept coming up with ideas and asking the boy for his advice till the day the old man passed away.

The boy, who had turned into a successful young man, came to see Teddy one last time and realized something that made him weep inconsolably. Teddy never ever made a huge life-changing profit. He barely had any money left after paying for his school fee.

That day he decided that he will set up soft serves machines at every nook and corner to honour Teddy, the softie who sold softies.

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