Broasting®” is a unique cooking method developed in1953 when Broaster's inventor and founder L.A.M. Phalen combined the principles of a pressure cooker and a deep fryer into one process. The results – in quality, flavor and cooking speed – were revolutionary. Our unique process is only one for the ways Genuine Broaster Chicken is better. Proprietary marinades, seasonings, coatings, and specially blended cooking oils bring out a taste that's unforgettably delicious. Besides our chicken retains more meat moisture and utilizes much lesser oil than open fryer. 36 countires and counting! To know more about Broaster visit


Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi


Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, known as the most entertaining & energetic chef, is a sought after name within the Indian Food industry. With a background of North India, and his reputation of crafting Fusion of Indian food with International Cuisine, Chef Harpal will add his desi tadka to America's old time favorite Broaster Chicken, to please Indian palletes.

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